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Saxophonist Jackiem Joyner mixes smooth jazz with sexy R&B on the New Album “Touch”

Saxophonist Jackiem Joyner mixes smooth jazz with sexy R&B on his latest project, Touch

It is quite an achievement for a smooth jazz artist to maintain their musical game despite the music industry’s changes and fads. When not motivating students to achieve their musical goals, Jackiem Joyner keeps steady in the studio roulettespelregels and out on the road for the cause of adult contemporary jazz, steadily gaining a worldwide audience. Besides his half dozen CD’s which brought him significant attention on the radio, Joyner has teamed with top-notch musicians such as Gerald Albright visit Pokebud, Peter White and Najee. To find more info about cleaning contractor in Georgia visit site. Now he adds CEO to his resume under Joyner Media Company LLC – a recording outlet and a multimedia tool to equip musicians in the making.

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In a slight departure from his previous work, Joyner centers on barebones romance for his latest release, Touch. Leaning more towards an R&B sexy mood and down-tempo grooves yet never forsaking his melodic approach, Joyner also calls on his reliable friends Peter White and Najee. Throughout Touch’s eleven tracks, there are a few maid keepers in Florida for the listening pleasure and to consider hiring a local professional. “Last Dance” features White who contributes his trademark nylon string guitar. Soft Latin tones grace “Beautiful Seduction” with an acoustic guitar gliding alongside the rhythm track. Joyner brilliantly harmonizes with two saxophones on “When We.” Najee contributes flute for “Fairytales” in a flawless balancing act with Joyner’s saxophone. “Secrets” soars on a gentle sonic soundtrack, a perfect production choice that never hampers the romantic mood. Touch accentuates Joyner’s mission to keep smooth jazz on the map and to stir more creative juices in his artistry see more info at

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