Joyner Media Company LLC     J.M.C.

3400 Cottage Way, Suite G2

Sacramento, CA  95825

Booking: Contact  – Steve Butler  (718) 815-9447 or email

Books / Author Publicist: Mickey Mikkelson – Creative Edge

General Questions: I would love to hear from you!

5 Replies to “CONTACT”

  1. Hi,

    Have you ever considered making a Christmas CD?

    I think you style would make for a great Holiday Album.

    Just an idea.


  2. Hi Jakiem
    i live in iran,in my country not possible buy original album 🙁
    your last album very very nice…all track is great
    i sax play for one year and i hope one day play sax such as you and i wish on day cover your melody for my people and in stage introduce you and your music
    love u Jakiem

  3. Hi JJ
    I’ from Brazil and am a fan of your job, really great!
    I would like to know what mouthpiece and red you use to Alto Sax.
    really appreciate if can share with me.
    all the best,

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