Selmer Alto Saxophone

Why The Selmer Alto Saxophone Is Such A Great Horn

“Selmer” is a very popular musical company that was founded in the 20th century in France. They are well known for their specialization in wind instruments such as-Oboes,Flutes,Trombones,Trumpets And Saxophones. It produces a wide variety of models of each instrument including “Alto Saxophones”. “Selmer Alto Saxophone” is one of the most desirable saxophone found today. It has been considered as a brand choice for many musicians around the world in modern time of music. Paul Desmond,John Coltrane And Louis Armstrong are well known great Jazz who have played Selmer instruments.

“Price Ranges Of Different Models”-

Prices of this type of saxophone varies widely according to the specific model. Generally, this is an indicator of the build quality. This doesn’t dictate that more expensive saxophones will have a better sound quality. The most expensive brand is “Selmer Paris Saxophones” as its quality and range costs  make it an  exclusive brand of saxophones. Different models with their price ranges are as follows.

(1) “AS-500”-It is considered as an entry level “Selmer Alto Saxophone”. Keys are Nickel plated, f#Key as an upper register with an exclusive lacquer finish. It is an ideal instrument for students and novice saxophonists that includes a mouthpiece and a case. The purchase price of this model is below 2000$.

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(2) “AS-600”- It is said to be an excellent choice for the students and beginners with the similarities in the features and prices as compared to AS-500. The price ranges around 1900$.

(3) “SAS-280”- Selmer’s SAS-280 Lavoix II Type Of Alto Saxophone has been billed as “All Horn,No Type. Fluid Acoustic Response,Fast And Slight Resistant Neck are an extensive feature of this type of saxophone. It’s purchase price is from 2700$.

(4) “Super Action”- The most professional “Selmer Alto Saxophone” in the world is “Selmer Super Action 80 Series”. The features are quite exclusive with the projective power as well as a rich tone. The model comes in a wide variety of colours and finishes with the price range of about 4000$ and above.

———————————— Enhancement of the musical performance and the longevity of an instrument can be carried by the best accessories provided by the “Selmer Alto Saxophone”. There are numerous accessories used in different models of saxophones such as-

(1) “Saxophone Neck Strap“- They are available in the Classic And Anatomical Style With Lycra Backed Neoprene.

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(3) “Reeds“- It can vary in stiffness within the stiffness grade to make the specific reeds harder to play. They are readily available in Jazz And Classic Styles at .

(4) “Ligatures”- It features a single screw mechanism mounted under the mouthpiece and are gold plated.

(5) “Mouthpiece Cushions And Key Risers“- Cushions are referred as “Adhesive Patches” which are used to cushion upper teeth on the mouthpieces. Pest free home is possible with Naturalcare pest control in Houston, Texas. They are also used to improve the ligature grip on the mouthpieces. Key Risers are made up of Rubber which helps to raise the keys which can be installed and removed easily.
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  • “Vital Tips While Purchasing Selmer Alto Saxophone”-

—————————————————————– There are different types of saxophones available hence choosing the right saxophone to play is very crucial. The primary motivation of playing and purchasing the saxophone acquires the basic skills and techniques that may lead to the acquisition of advanced skills and techniques. Ac installation experts of New Jersey are there to ensure your comfort. The key for “Selmer Alto Saxophone” is in E flat or Eb. They are considered to be the best instrument for the absolute beginners or beginners in saxophone playing. Most practice and musical pieces are written in Alto Range and people have more opportunity playing this instrument. It is one of the most popular type of saxophone that is widely used by the musicians all over the world.

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