Turn your music talent into a six figure income

Music Income For Artist

From Jackiem Joyner

When it comes to music I have become passionate about the idea of not slaving yourself for money. Or slaving your talent in order to make a living. There’s a better way. trust me. It annoys me to see how much money is out there for musicians in 2020. And many musicians don’t even see it.

The question for an artist is: “How can I do what I love (Making Music) without always worrying if I’ll have enough money to live?
Or,, How can I put myself in a situation to simply do it because of my passion and not always for money?
Because of this I wrote the book: “Turn your music talent into a six figure income machine”.

Music Income For Artist

In this book I take you through the entire process of generation countless streams of “Passive Income” and maintaining a consistent money stream with your music. So that you may focus on what you love doing, which is making more MUSIC and not always chasing MONEY!

The difference between myself and other producers

that may write similar books, is that I have had Number 1 billboard hits. I’ve had Number one records. I’ve toured 35 countries. I have 7 records/ national releases currently available world wide. I run my own label and have set up numerous income streams for my music. Some of it I only recently knew even existed.
You don’t need to be famous to make six figures! Trust me!

When you get my book, you will be taken through my entire process of generating and maintaining passive income, fueled only by determination and the love for making music.

Are you ready to earn a living doing what you love?

Send me a screen shot of your purchase and I’m going to do something crazy!
I’ll send you “FREE OF Charge”
“The Ultimate Guide To Promoting Your Music in 2020”.

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Music Income For Artist

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6 Replies to “Turn your music talent into a six figure income”

  1. meWow! Just grabbed the book and I’m super excited. I’m ready to get my music career moving. Things have been difficult but this book really gave me the insights I needed to earn more as a musician. Thanks Jackiem! ****

  2. I’ve been singing at a club in Portland every Thursday for years now. I had no idea what I was missing out on. I’m glad you added the section about growing my fans even from small venues.

  3. Producing beats and trying to sell it is crazy these days. I’m straight up ready to use the ideas in the book to sell more beats. I’m just in the 6th chapter now.

  4. Hi
    I’m just happy to be one of the first to grab your book. I’ve been following your career for years Jackiem! Thanks for this!!

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