If you are looking for a bass saxophone for sale then you have come to the right place. Whether you are a professional or a student, take a moment to consider purchasing a new or used one. Since they are much larger horns, they tend to run a little more expensive than alto, tenor or soprano

When you find a bass saxophone for sale, you are about to make a major investment both in time and money. Great care should be taken when shopping for a bass saxophone. Prices start around nine thousand dollars for a new instrument and go up from there. I did find a good student one for a considerably lower price than normal though.

Don’t forget about accessories for your new bass saxophone. The most fundamental accessory are the reeds. Without the reeds you might as well not have a bass saxophone and without good reeds you might as well buy a bass kazoo. Pay attention to the sound quality you get with a certain brand of reed and how long they last. If they break or crack too easily or do not produce the sound you want, it might be time to switch. The reed and the mouthpiece go hand in hand almost literally. Mouthpieces are interchangeable and can be used to shape the kind of sound you want out of your bass saxophone. The mouthpiece itself can be around one hundred dollars so changing them out will be an investment all on its own.

One of the most important accessories for such a large instrument is the neck strap. Especially with a large instrument like the bass saxophone you will want to have a comfortable posture for a great sound and a great time playing. Also consider a peg so that the instrument can rest comfortably on the floor.

Just like a car needs a garage and you need a house, your saxophone will need a case. Remember that this is going to be quite a bit heavier than your ordinary saxophone. If you can afford it, consider protecting your investment with a hard case with wheels, or look for a model that already comes with a quality case. Saxophones are just too cool to leave in a bag.

Check with a teacher or trusted salesperson when shopping about the quality of the brand you are looking at. There are also great resources online to help you make the best choice when you are looking for a bass saxophone for sale. When it comes time to buy, remember it will be your instrument and that is a very personal thing. It has to feel right. Just like the music.