If you are looking for a bass saxophone for sale, I’ve put together a few things you should think about. Being a professional player or student will determine the brand and model of these awesome saxophones. Since they are much larger horns, they tend to run a little more expensive than alto, tenor or soprano.bass saxophone for sale


When you find a bass saxophone for sale, you are about to make a major investment both in time and money. Great care should be taken when shopping for a bass saxophone. Prices start around nine thousand dollars for a new instrument and go up from there. I did find a good student one for a considerably lower price than normal though. You should take a look at the Mendini by Cecilio MBS-30L+92D Lacquered Yellow Brass Intermediate.

The Bass Saxophone

Choosing the saxophone as your favorite musical instrument is appealing to a refined state! The saxophone produces a smooth sound that is most suitable for lots of different musical styles.

Although learning the proper breathing and the tricky finger functionary might be quite tough, in the long run, you will use this ability to impress listeners in a great manner.

In the year 1840, a Belgian named Adolphe Sax invented the saxophone! The sonorous instrument which can be classified among the woodwind family; it can also be referred to as a conical instrument that is made up of brass with either silver or gold plating. The Sax can be played with a reed mouthpiece just in the same manner as the clarinet. Meanwhile, the lacquer coating on the saxophone does not only prevent corrosion but it also compliments its luxurious beauty and appearance.

It is no exaggeration to stress the fact that the saxophone sound is quite similar to the human voice which truly expresses different emotions with precision. Initially, the saxophone is often used by the military band; recently, the instrument is generally accepted as a jazz instrument which connects to most musical bands and concerts. Most importantly, the saxophone is commonly used for classical music.

Understanding the Bass Saxophone

Saxophones come in various sizes and types; out of the eight types in which they are being classified, the most common ones are the Alto, the Baritone &Tenor, and the Soprano. Other types of Saxophones such as the C Soprano, Conn-o-Sax, F Mezzo Soprano, C melody, Bass, and F Baritone are rear and are not commonly used.

However, we want to focus on the “Bass Saxophone” with a distinctive feature in term of history (being the first to be introduced), size, and pitch the bass saxophone offers an exceptional service. Irrespective of the size of this instrument, it does not require a forceful exhalation through the mouth beyond the normal push. The Bass Saxophone fulfills the role of a bass instrument perfectly, even as a soloing instrument on its own.

As time goes by, the Bass Sax has prompted itself to be productive as a lead and sectional instrument. Although, some argument might arise that there is not much point to back up your reason to purchase a bass sax since high notes can’t be played on it; but this impression is for the traditionalist, music has gone beyond the dependent on high or low notes.

Get Started By Owning a Bass Saxophone

For every individual that has a great interest in the bass saxophone, your choice is much easier for the sole reason that they are not common. With this, you have fewer options to sort and check carefully. Many local dealers will carry a finely tuned bass saxophone for sale. But now in 2018, a lot of these horns have been purchased online with flexible and even some times free return policies.  A good starting point for making your dream a reality is dependent on many factors like the looks, budget, tone, durability, and the Bass Saxophone has it all.

Regardless of the common insinuation that the bass saxophone can be replaced by the electric bass guitar or the tuba, let our anchor hold strong on the vintage sound that is incomparable! The bass saxophone has the deepest voice you can ever crave for amongst all musical instruments.

It has an octave below the tenor saxophone with a warm wide bore and voluminous tones; these tones have large holes that respond to a large and dynamic range. It is so awesome that the fingering positions are still the same as that of any other saxophone.

The Verdict

As you’ve decided to try and get a decent bass saxophone for sale yourself, be reassured that the workmanship, the dimensions of quality, and much other desire you might seek for are totally available for you online nowadays.
Nevertheless, in addition to a large number of things to consider while buying a bass saxophone, the internet would be a good source to purchase one with extensive details and positive feedbacks.


Don’t forget about accessories for your new bass saxophone. The most fundamental accessory are the reeds. Without the reeds you might as well not have a bass saxophone and without good reeds you might as well buy a bass kazoo. Pay attention to the sound quality you get with a certain brand of reed and how long they last. If they break or crack too easily or do not produce the sound you want, it might be time to switch. The reed and the mouthpiece go hand in hand almost literally. Mouthpieces are interchangeable and can be used to shape the kind of sound you want out of your bass saxophone. The mouthpiece itself can be around one hundred dollars so changing them out will be an investment all on its own.

In addition to finding a solid bass saxophone for sale, one of the most important accessories for such a large instrument is the neck strap. Especially with a large instrument like the bass saxophone you will want to have a comfortable posture for a great sound and a great time playing. Also consider a peg so that the instrument can rest comfortably on the floor.

Just like a car needs a garage and you need a house, your saxophone will need a case. Remember that this is going to be quite a bit heavier than your ordinary saxophone. If you can afford it, consider protecting your investment with a hard case with wheels, or look for a model that already comes with a quality case. Saxophones are just too cool to leave in a bag.

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