Contemporary saxophonist, author, and music producer Jackiem Joyner is set to release his 7th album “Touch” worldwide in the fall. (2019)
In more than 12 years as a recording artist, Jackiem continues to stand out with electrifying live performances and brilliant music productions. As a performer he has toured over 30 countries and performed with the likes of the late George Duke, Marcus Miller, Keiko Matsui, Donnie McClurkin, Angela Bofill, Najee, Kirk Whalum, Peter White, and many many more. Joyner’s success at radio is widely known in the industry.

With two number 1 hit songs, five top 10 billboard singles, and a number one debut album under his belt. In addition he published the highly acclaimed science fiction novel “Zarya”, which received high praise with five star marks on amazon.
The release of “Touch” on JMC will mark 7 albums released worldwide.
“This album is about romance” , Joyner said. “I wanted to give everyone something hip, smooth, and sexy at the same time” .
The record has an urban feel laced with some the hottest down tempo vibes. Thank about the artist “Tank, or Trey Songz if you want to get the vibe of the record. Joyner’s soprano sax leads the way on most of the album. “My approach to performing on this record was to be melodic and dynamic with my horn”.
Peter White joins Jackiem on the first single “Last Dance”. This duo with soprano sax and nylon guitar pulls you in with it’s romantic and catchy melody.

Najee plays flute on a dreamy urban song called “fairytales”. The unique mix of flute and soprano saxophone on this vibey tune is one of Joyner’s best performances and productions. Wrote together with Tim Bailey aka “twizzboy”.
Born in Norfolk, VA, the son of a Vietnam vet and dedicated mother, life wasn’t easy coming up. Jackiem set his sights high from a young age. He dreamed of being a performing artist even though it would have seemed unlikely given his humble upbringings. Even as a child he loved the attention from family as he would dance away to Michael Jackson songs.

Now, Jackiem is proud to stand front and center on the main stage almost every weekend somewhere in the country.
A quick glance at Joyner’s track record, it is clear that he continues to beat the odds in a tough and competitive music industry.
“I love what I do and have passion”, Jackiem says. “I don’t care how hard things get, It’ll never stop me from doing what I love. Playing the sax, writing music and stories, and performing live”.
His love for writing novels came as a surprise to many of his fans.

“I’m very excited to release my second novel soon after my album release”, Joyner says. “Writing stories is now a big part of my creative journey” .
The first single from Joyner’s last album “Main Street beat”(2017) was name for his daughter “Trinity”. Joyner’s passionate love for his little one is expressed all over the live pop influenced song driven by Steve Oliver’s guitar. The song was an instant hit. Reaching no. 2 on the billboard.
We all can’t wait to see if she follows in dads footstep and be out front some day!

With the creation of his company JOYNER MEDIA COMPANY L.L.C. , Joyner hopes to also inspire others to follow their path, dreams, and find out what true potential they have in art and multimedia.
When Jackiem Joyner is not touring the world, he enjoys giving lectures to less fortunate students across the country. He also enjoys talking to band students in class to help them with practice and give them incite on how to become performing artist themselves.

Currently, Joyner is on a US tour in support of his new album “Touch”.
He will be touring Los Angeles, CA – Washingto, DC – Hampton, VA – Melbourne, FL – Detroit, MI – Chicago, IL – Charleston, SC – Houston, TX – Rehoboth Beach, DE – Mazlatan, Mexico – Syracuse, NY – Tampa, FL – Atlanta, GA and much more.