Tenor Saxophones for Sale

There is a wide variety of Tenor Saxophones for sale that would suit to each individual’s liking. The uses of which may vary from playing it for a military marching band or for simply relaxing euphony of classical and jazz music.
Tenor saxophones have come a long way throughout history. It was originally intended for military bands during the French and Belgian war dating back to 1840. It was also used by the Americans during the civil war; arranging it with an ensemble with the alto, soprano and baritone saxophones.

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Today, tenor saxophones have been found appealing not only to the general public, but also to the professional musicians. This site specializes in bringing the best-buys of tenor saxophones for sale to enthusiasts. We cater every client’s needs and offer great deals for people under budget. Here are some of our featured tenor saxophones for sale.

Sax for progressing students. The Yamaha YTS-62II Professional Bb Tenor Saxophone incorporates numerous advanced features like Key of Bb, new-design neck receiver, custom-style octave key, high F# key and hand-engraved bell, ribbed and flanged post mounting, acoustically annealed body, adjustable thumb rest, tilting-style low Bb key, and refined key shape. It is available in silver finish and 5-year warranty.

Another is the Yamaha YTS-23. Like the later, it features a yellow brass neck, body, and bell; nickel-plated keys; stainless steel springs drawn tone holes; front F auxiliary key; adjustable thumb rest; and epoxy lacquer finish. It includes case, plastic mouthpiece, cork grease, plastic mouthpiece cap and a clear lacquer ligature with a neck strap. It also comes with a limited 5-year warranty.

Ideally for the Pros. The Theo Wanne MANTRA would do very well in the hands of a professional musician. It has a Copper-Brass alloyed bell to body brace, giving that fine resonating sound. The keys are ergonomically designed, giving that smooth feel. It is Music Medic set up. It is available in Honey Lacquer, Siver, Black Nickel and Vintified finishes. Vintified finish means the saxophone gives a natural ring without the hindrance of a lacquer finish. The mouthpieces are killer too!

Another sax you ought to have is the Selmer Paris Series III Model 64 Jubilee Edition. The key mechanisms are light with thinner outlines. It features a dynamic resonance through its mouthpiece’s square tone chamber. It is proudly French made. It is available in gold finish, all together with accessory kits.

And if you are looking for a great deal, try the Allora Paris Series. It is versatile as well as it is fortified. It has a wide range of usage, be it classical concerto or jazz music. The body to bell is cupper-brass alloyed giving it a smooth musical note.

There are different saxophones for different types of musicians. You may be an enthusiastic student or a professional musician, one thing to consider is how well the instrument suits to your usage; be it in a marching band, gospel music or solo jazz. So if you are hungry for more featured tenor saxophones for sale, visit our website or contact us so that we could provide.

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