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Saxman Jackiem Joyner’s urban-jazz grooves

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As a writer covering jazz music it is extremely gratifying to witness the development of young artists, individuals that grab your attention from the moment they hit center stage. You take note of their achievements, awards they’ve won, the new music they introduce to the listening public, and when or if they top the music charts. One of those young artists I’ve kept my eye on over the years is saxophonist, flautist, composer/producer, Jackiem Joyner.

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Stockton Daily News

While he continues searching for an inner musical calm, Jackiem Joyner’s also imagining a science-fiction world in distant outer space.

Joyner, a jazz saxophone player who grew up learning music in church, writes more than eclectic jazz tunes that resist convenient labeling.

There’s also “Zarya.” She’s the principal character in a sci-fi novel Joyner’s been crafting for two years while he’s built a 13-year musical career by touring the earthbound world and recording five albums.

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Saxophonist, Producer, Author, Composer

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