5 Books That Will Give You A Massive Advantage in Life

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Without further ado, let me introduce you to 5 books that are worth your attention. No fluff but a powerful message behind each of them with a potential to truly change your life for better. At least, that what they did to me.

Note: the order has absolutely no correlation with the value of each book, all of them are stand out because of the way the authors presented their ideas.

Love Yourself Like Your Life Depends On It

I procrastinated on reading this book way too much. But I finally got to that and you know what? Mind blown. We harm ourselves over and over again, without showing any signs of self-love which, as you’ll realize during the reading, is the essential factor to lead a happy life.

Human nature is weird and often self-destructive. We beat ourselves up, regret the past, forget the present and destroy our chances for a better future. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

In his life-changing book, Kamal Ravikant shows what he learned during one summer and how he applied it to transform his life so you can do it too. However, be fully aware that no miracles will occur in your life unless you decide to apply the wisdom. But if you do, mind blown.

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Live Your Truth

I ended up reading this one because I was so inspired by the aforementioned book. And you know what? Once again, I wasn’t disappointed. In this book, Kamal shares his thoughts on life while living in a monastery. After a huge loss, he came to realize some profound life truths and he encourages you to find yours and live it, as he already suggests in the title. I don’t want to seem one-sided by mentioning the same author two times but his work simply deserves it.

This book will help you to look inside your soul and understand certain things which seemed blurred hitherto. Kamal teaches you how to overcome mental obstacles and the way he does it is simply magical. You just read, and keep reading, and each chapter is a new powerful lesson.

I’m sure I’ll get back to this book in the future because it’s like a medicine for your mind. Once it stops working properly, this read will definitely help to bring it back in order.

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The Power Of Starting Something Stupid

The Power of Starting Something Stupid” emphasizes the importance of not making decisions in life based on the predictions of the crowd.

What most of the people will see is stupidity, since they judge completely on the surface. What they don’t notice, however, is the power of embracing the new stupid which over time turns to be the new smart. Richie Norton (the author) introduces us to a cycle of stupidity. At first, innovative ideas appear stupid to the vast majority of folks.

This is when the pioneers catch on the potential and start going against the flow, embracing stupidity. Once they go through the unknown path, it becomes the new smart and more people participate. Over time, it’s a standard. To succeed in life, you want to be the one who’s not afraid to start that cycle and Richie shows you exactly how to do it.

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The Slight Edge

Amazing book. This book helped me look at the small picture of reaching my goals. It teaches how all the little things add up to big success. And how small habits also add up to failure or success.

In his book, Jeff Olson describes the power of simple tasks which don’t drive any noticeable results at all… until enough time goes by and your everyday choices eventually combine. This is when you experience the so-called overnight success which in reality is a sum of daily decisions, whether positive or negative ones.

Often, we fool ourselves saying something like this time won’t hurt or today, I can make an exception.Guess what, you’re right. One time won’t break you and you can skip today. The problem is, one time turns out to be repeated on a regular basis. Jeff’s message is simple and powerful at the same time. Success is nothing but a sum of your everyday disciplines, extremely simple tasks which don’t drive any results at the very beginning.

They are very easy to do, but it’s also incredibly easy not to do them. This is why so many remain in the same bad situation their whole lives or even make things worse year after year. And this is how others can get up and gradually climb at the top without others even noticing until the plain tasks begin to compound.

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The Universe Doesn’t Give A Flying Fuck About You

This is a short but extremely powerful read. I went through this book a few times and it’s always worth repeating. Johnny Truant does a great job reminding you that tomorrow you might be gone, forever. The time to take action is right now. And by taking action, he means “EPIC SHIT”.

The message is straight to the point: “Stop being a pussy and do something amazing.” The point is by no means to offend you. What Johnny emphasizes is the fact that your time is limited and you can only get older, which means today is the best day to get started.

And if you’re afraid of taking serious action right now, whether it’s because you seek approval or fear losing it, guess what, the universe doesn’t give a flying fuck about you, so you might as well go out and take what’s yours.

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